Alison Windsor

Teaching Artist, Theatre Practitioner, Interpreter

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Certified French-English Interpreter


Teaching Artist

Based in Sydney, Australia

 WONDERFUL. It’s what we theorise about, 
demonstrated so masterfully.

Participant, Drama NSW Conference 2011

My Approach
As a teaching artist, I create tailored workshops and performance projects for students of every description.

Every student group is unique, with particular needs and ambitions, I believe the best way to engage with each group is to create original material.  So I work collaboratively with to devise or stage a project I have written to suit.

My specialties
My workshops centre around specialised themes.
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To discuss your plans for a creative project, workshop or professional development, please contact me at

My experience
I’ve shared creative experiences with students of every social group and of every age. My oldest student to date was a twinkly ninety-three year old man and my youngest a precocious four year old kindergartener. 

I have experience working with children on the autism spectrum, in hearing and vision support classes, and with behavioural and social issues.
I've also worked with gifted and talented school groups and with students in advanced programs, including HSC classes.

I enjoy making drama accessible to learners of English as a second language or to adults who have never tried acting before. I'm fascinated by performance in diverse cultures and make cross-cultural engagement a priority.

Alison’s drama classes are purposeful and interesting.

Her ability to communicate her skills and knowledge, along with her dedication to supporting and challenging our students, has enabled our students to extend themselves towards excellent performances - an incredible achievement for newly arrived migrant and refugee students who have never studied drama before.

Wendy, English Centre teacher. 2012

Approach to Acting: Jacques Lecoq.  
Discover key elements of Lecoq's teaching, including mimo-dynamic, spatial awareness, a physical approach to character and performance styles such as bouffon, grotesque, clown or tragic chorus. 

HSC Group Devised Project. 
Learn new ways to create transitions.
Discover fresh techniques to create material and move past blocks in group devising.  

There's More to Mime than Marcel Marceau: Physicality in Acting. 
Learn ways to make physical characterisations. Inject vivid imagery into theatre pieces. 
Use mime techniques to create original material and distinctive performances.

Introduction to Acting and Stagecraft. 
Learn to express yourself with vocal and physical skills.
Gain confidence in improvising, telling stories and interpreting text on stage.

Beginnings in Drama. 
Young students learn what drama is made up of and how they can participate with confidence. Elements of drama are introduced in a process that allows even the shyest student to join in. A workshop that improves social dynamics and the overall confidence of any group.

Drama for Language Acquisition. 
Experience how dramatic play can prompt more fluent, expressive and interesting use of English or French for language learners.

Drama for Literacy.
Play in drama activities that help students with literacy skills such as story-telling, narrative structure, language comprehension and empathy.